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Insurance Banking® Center

Insurance Banking® Services

Insurance Banking® Centers (IBCs) are independent financial services firms (i.e., both independent from any particular life insurance company or companies and independent from Veralytic[i]) who are uniquely capability of helping clients and their advisors identify and secure best-available rates and terms for optimal life insurance portfolio performance. Insurance Banking® Services that can be expected from a licensed Insurance Banking® Centers includes:

  • Identifying the appropriate amount, type, and plan design for a life insurance product for a given client need.
  • Using a Veralytic Report to identify the appropriate life insurance product(s) for a given plan design in a given client situation.
  • Negotiating with underwriters of one or more insurers to achieve optimal rate basis for a given policy or policies.
  • Oversee the reinsurance market to preserve the maximum amount of life insurance coverage available at the optimal rate basis in large transactions.
  • Constructing, managing, and monitoring a portfolio of insurance products identified as appropriate for the given client situation, both at the time of implementation and over time.

Insurance Banking® Centers

Market Access + Market Intelligence = Higher Insurance IQ

Insurance Banking® Centers has the market access and market intelligence financial Advisors need to assemble and manage their clients' permanent life insurance portfolios.

To effectively manage their clients' insurance portfolios, financial Advisors need the same kind of market access and market intelligence they have in other areas of their practice. But while some insurance providers may have broad market access, only Insurance Banking® Centers have both the market access and the market intelligence Advisors need.

Market Intelligence for the Appropriate Options

Insurance Banking® Centers have both A) demonstrated broad market access (i.e., agents or brokers who represent the interests of some limited number of insurers are not eligible to be Insurance Banking® Centers) and B) licensed to use Veralytic's easy-to-use system for evaluating the appropriateness of permanent life insurance products. Advisors can now find out which policies are designed to perform optimally in a given client situation and plan design, which policy is right for the client, and why. Veralytic converts the pages of data from policy illustrations into meaningful information you can use to make prudent portfolio management decisions. Veralytic also translates the often confusing terminology surrounding life insurance products into familiar terms that are consistent with the language of other financial products.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck